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What Ofsted Said

Our nursery is rated Good 2 by Ofsted.

This inspection: Good 2

Effectiveness of the leadership and management – Good 2

The management team has a clear and ambitious vision for the nursery. Overall, systems to support staff performance, including supervision meetings and appraisals, help the continuation of their professional development.

Safeguarding is effective. Staff complete regular training to help update their knowledge of safeguarding. They display a very good understanding of policies and how to report any concerns.

Strong links with external specialists support the management team to accurately evaluate provision, identify focused areas for further development and provide training for staff. The learning environment is extremely well organised. The management team has worked closely with staff to ensure it is fully equipped with a wide range of high-quality resources.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment – Good 2

Staff follow children’s interests and plan suitably challenging activities. For instance, toddlers are highly engaged in sensory play as they explore multicoloured noodles. They learn words to describe what they feel and see. Staff make regular observations of children’s learning and are beginning to use an online system to record them. This supports them to provide parents with even more regular feedback about their children’s learning.

Staff provide a wide range of opportunities for children to learn about similarities and differences between themselves and diversity within their wider community. Children’s home languages are well supported within the nursery and they make regular visits to places in the local community, such as shops and the library.

Personal development, behaviour, and welfare – Outstanding 1

Children behave extremely well. Toddlers have an excellent understanding of routines and follow them exceptionally well. Pre-school children demonstrate excellent manners and are skilled in taking turns.

Children’s understanding of healthy lifestyles is exceptionally well supported. They confidently challenge their physical skills in the outdoor area and during regular trips to the local park. They learn skills, such as how to brush teeth correctly, and talk in detail about the importance of handwashing.

Babies develop strong bonds with their key person. They enjoy quiet time when they show high levels of interest in their favourite books. Babies are extremely well supported as they learn to walk. They respond very positively to praise and encouragement from staff.

Outcomes for children – Good 2

Children make good progress from their starting points. They make excellent progress in their personal, social and emotional development and their communication and language.

Children are extremely sociable and enthusiastic learners. They are well prepared for the next stage in their learning and their move to school. For example, pre-school children learn to write their names, read simple words and count confidently as they play.