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Little Blossoms

The Little Blossoms room caters for children aged 3-5 years old.

The Little Blossoms room caters for preschool children ages 3-5. There is one teacher for every eight children.

Focused on preparing your child for school, the Little Blossoms room is classroom-based with activities geared towards the solid learning principles of the National curriculum. Learning materials and resources in this area are specially designed to help your child learn literacy, numeracy, communications and creativity, all while feeding their love of learning.

Blossom nursery has an excellent outdoor play area which includes a garden, planting area, storytelling and play area.

To complement their learning, your child will also learn the equivalent in Arabic too. Children find learning fun and easy, and learning a new language is not only useful but is a great way to teach your child the language of the Quran in an easy and engaging way.

Please note that free nursery places are available for children who are eligible for the Nursery Education Fund (NEF). If you would like more information, please ask a member of our staff who will only be too happy to assist you.