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Our Aims

Our vision is to help your child grow in a stable friendly and trusting environment where they can learn and mature into independent and intelligent human beings.

We strive to offer children the best of current educational practices which promote all seven aspects of personal development – Moral, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural, Emotional and Social.

The Blossom Nursery Charter

  • Help all children become independent and self-sufficient
  • Plant the seeds of goodness into the hearts of our children so that they become caring, thoughtful and sensitive individuals
  • Teach children curriculum-based subjects to give them a head start in school
  • Provide a safe, secure and happy environment where children are nurtured to learn in the best way possible
  • Ensure that children learn the principles of Islam in a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your child, ensuring that their learning is tailored to their needs
  • Take into account each and every child’s background (regardless of race, gender, disability, language and other issues) to provide dedicated care and attention
  • Nurture good Islamic morals and manners in each child so that they develop into happy and emotionally complete individuals
  • Encourage and motivate children to become productive and confident members of the community
  • Develop mutual respect and love between children and staff so that children are happy and content to learn in a relaxed and non-threatening way
  • Put parents minds at ease about the upbringing and welfare of their child