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Our Approach

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Children learn best when they are in a safe, secure and happy environment and that is what Blossom Nursery seeks to provide. What makes Blossom nursery unique is that we strive to achieve a ‘home from home’ environment, where children can relax, learn and be inspired to become independent learners.

We strive hard to provide state of the art educational facilities which promote a love of learning in a relaxed, atmosphere where learning is fun and activities are full of creative imagination. Learning to be independent whilst taking full advantage of collaborative learning within culturally diverse interdependent grouping is encouraged at all stages. Essential life skills necessary for life in the world outside are actively promoted.

The Blossom Nursery Approach to learning is at the heart of our vision. We address the concerns of the Muslim parents within the framework of the welfare of all our children. Muslim children will be given the opportunity to learn, understand and apply in their lives:

  • Verses from the Quran
  • How to accurately read the Quran
  • To listen and enjoy the recitation of the Quran
  • Arabic language
  • Stories about the Prophets
  • General Islamic upbringing (Akhlaq), and character-building (shakhsiyah)

Our primary reason for weaving the love of Islam into daily nursery life is to ensure that Muslim children are exposed to the best that Islam has to offer. The child-centred and activity-based learning is made fun, exciting and engaging.

All of our teaching practices are based on the universal Islamic principles of learning. This ensures that Islam is at the heart of a Muslim child’s life in a positive and beneficial way, whilst ensuring that all our children benefit from this open and effective approach.