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About Us

Our vision is to help your child grow in a stable friendly and trusting environment where they can learn and mature into independent and intelligent human beings.

Dedicated to the educational and spiritual wellbeing

Blossom nursery is a new nursery dedicated to the educational and spiritual wellbeing of your precious little ones. From toddlers to preschool, we provide a stimulating and caring environment in which your child can safely explore the world around them.

Excellent staff to child ratio

Our staff to child ratio is excellent, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that your child is receiving quality time and attention, whilst being encouraged to learn through play. Our ethos is simple – we offer curriculum based learning in an Islamic environment.

Investing in your child’s upbringing

Investing in your child’s upbringing is central to the philosophy of Blossom. This means that your child is brought up with the correct moral principles of Islam which will enable them to grow into a productive and central member of the Islamic community.

Anti-discrimination policy

Blossom nursery takes pride in its anti-discrimination policy – we do not discriminate on the basis of race, culture, religion, disability or gender. Regardless of your child’s background, we encourage children to work and play together to promote a sense of peace and unity - values which underpin the Blossom philosophy.

Quality education

Blossom nursery was opened with a vision to facilitate quality educational care whilst instilling good morals and learning. The first five years of a child’s life are the most important, as these are the years in which not only do they complete 80% of their entire lifetime’s learning, but is also the time when children can be taught the love of Allah and Islam which will hopefully last them a lifetime.